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New Study Highlights Abuses of Eminent Domain in WA

Seattle – Today Washington Policy Center (WPC) and Institute for Justice – Washington Chapter (IJ-WA) released a new study describing specific examples of how local governments in Washington have abused the Community Renewal Law to take private property from citizens.

New Study Finds Washington Needs Eminent Domain Reform

Seattle—If you own a home, a farm, a small business or a piece of land in the state of Washington, you should be disturbed to learn the results of a new study released by the Washington Policy Center.

The report, “The Use and Abuse of Washington’s Community Renewal Law,” concludes that, because of Washington’s Community Renewal Law (CRL), home and small-business owners of the Evergreen State are not protected from eminent domain abuse—local government officials can take anyone’s property and sell it to a developer for private gain.

Eminent Domain Bill Reflecting WPC Recommendation to Be Signed by Governor Tomorrow

Seattle - Governor Christine Gregoire will sign a new eminent domain law tomorrow that will open up the essentially secret meetings where local governments decide to use eminent domain.  Previously, property owners were forced to seek out postings on obscure government websites to discover whether their property faced condemnation.  HB 1458 provides citizens whose property is threatened with direct personal notice of the meetings where the fate of their property could be decided.

Attorney General Task Force to Review Washington Eminent Domain Laws

Seattle - Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna will create a task force to review Washington's eminent domain laws and recommend changes for the 2008 legislative session to better protect property owners from abuse, he announced yesterday.

New Study Analyzes Property Fairness Initiative 933

Seattle - Washington Policy Center, the state’s premier public policy, independent research organization, released a new study analyzing Initiative 933, which will appear on the ballot this November. The statewide initiative builds on Oregon’s Measure 37 passed by voters two years ago. “A Citizens Guide to Initiative 933: Property Fairness Initiative” takes a section-by-section look at the wording of I-933 and examines some of the most common critiques of the initiative.

Does Oregon's Property Rights Law Measure Up for Washington?

Seattle- Washington Policy Center released a new study today, "Oregon's Measure 37 Property Rights Law, Lessons from the First Eleven Months." Todd Myers, Director of the Center for Environmental Policy for WPC, evaluates the effects of Oregon's Measure 37 and provides a perspective on what Washington citizens might expect if a similar law were to pass in our state. The study is the first comprehensive look at the impact of the Measure in Oregon.

Proposed King County Regulations Compromise Rural Landowners' Rights

A new Policy Note from Washington Policy Center, written by William R. Maurer and Russ Brooks, addresses the negative impact that proposed Growth Management rules would have on rural landowners' property rights in King County.

In March 2004, King County Executive Ron Sims proposed a series of new ordinances that, if enacted, would become some of the most restrictive regulations on the use of private property in the United States.