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“No Court Case is Going to Stop Us”

July 9, 2014 in Blog

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Illinois home health care workers cannot be forced to participate in a union or pay “agency fees” or union dues. In Harris v. Quinn, SCOTUS ruled those workers are “partial public employees” and are not subject to a law that allows public sector unions to collect mandatory union dues, or agency fees, as a condition of employment.   

Court ruling may strike down Washington state law

July 8, 2014 in Publications

This Opinion/Editorial was featured in The Olympian on July 8, 2014. 

Last week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on a case from Illinois could have a major affect in Washington state. In its June 30th ruling in Harris v. Quinn the Court did not rule on whether regular government workers must join a union, as some had expected, but the decision does call into question the forced unionization of some Washington residents.

Does separation of powers still matter?

July 2, 2014 in Blog

As we kick off our 4th of July festivities it's a good time to reflect on the founding of our country. What better way to do that than to dust off the farewell speech of the first U.S. President George Washington.

In Our View: Wrangling Over Budget

July 2, 2014 in In the News
The Columbian
The Columbian
Wednesday, July 2, 2014