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Union's "Last Hired, First Fired" Rule Means Younger Teachers are Laid off First

March 15, 2011 in Publications

A bill in Olympia, HB 1609, would end the practice of automatically firing the newest and youngest teachers first when Washington school districts implement layoffs. Under the bill, school administrators would be required to consider teacher performance, not just seniority, before letting a teacher go. The introductory language of the bill lays out its intent: “There is an urgent need to conduct layoffs in a way that retains the most effective teachers.”

Could Wisconsin collective bargaining protests happen here?

March 14, 2011 in In the News
Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal
Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal
Monday, March 14, 2011

Could Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Protests Happen Here?

March 9, 2011 in Publications

The weeks of angry protest and heated controversy in Wisconsin have sparked a national debate over the role of public-sector unions and whether mandatory collective bargaining contributes to massive increases in spending, rising taxes and chronic budget deficits. With our state facing its own $4.5 billion deficit, the question naturally arises, could Wisconsin-style collective bargaining protests happen here? It’s entirely possible — because Washington already has the same kind of collective bargaining system in place.

Will House Abide by Senate's Workers' Comp. Compromise?

March 8, 2011 in Blog

This past weekend legislators in the Senate passed a workers' compensation reform bill that actually had some teeth to it. For years policymakers on both sides of the aisle have talked about reforming the state-run industrial insurance system in order to curtail the spiraling cost, which is passed onto both businesses and employees in the form of higher insurance premiums. But for years it seems nothing was getting done -- outside of a few studies that recommended task forces that recommended more studies...

No public input needed for fast-tracked union bill

March 8, 2011 in Blog

The House demonstrated last night how efficiently it could move priority legislation when the public is cut out of the process. HB 2011, introduced just this past Saturday, was the last bill acted on by the House last night and passed by a vote of 59-36.

Collective Bargaining and the Influence of Public-sector Unions in Washington State

February 25, 2011 in Publications


In 2002 the legislature enacted a bill, HB 1268, that fundamentally altered the balance of power within state government. The bill’s purpose was to revamp Washington’s civil service and create a collective bargaining system for government employee unions. The result was a radical shift of power from the legislature to the governor’s office that has deprived Olympia lawmakers of control over the state’s operating expenses.