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WPC's Center for Health Care develops patient-centered solutions to reduce costs and improve the availability and quality of health care for businesses and individuals, providing the only detailed, independent critique of health care issues available in the Northwest.

Press Releases

National Health Care Reform Plan Will Have Troubling Consequences in WA

Spokane – The national health care reform plan signed into law by President Obama today will have far-reaching effects across the nation and right here in Washington state.

Washington Policy Center, a non-partisan public policy research organization with offices in Seattle, Olympia, Spokane, and Tri-Cities, is analyzing the new law.  Dr. Roger Stark, a retired surgeon and a health care policy analyst with WPC, has made some startling findings about its impact in Washington state:

New Study Presents Recommendations to Reform Medicaid

Seattle – A new study released today by Washington Policy Center (WPC) raises a number of concerns about the Medicaid program and offers solutions for reform. Structural problems and an open-ended program budget are combining to create a rising tide that threatens to swamp all other government expenditures. At the same time, the entitlement has not demonstrably improved the health of the poor.

Roger Stark Joins Washington Policy Center as Health Care Policy Analyst

Seattle – Washington Policy Center (WPC) has hired Roger Stark, MD, as Health Care Policy Analyst for the new Center for Health Care.

Health Care Conference Tomorrow Will Feature Interactive Elway Polling and Address Medicaid Reform and other Cutting Edge Health Care Issues

Seattle - Washington Policy Center, the state's premier public policy research and education organization, along with the state's leading business organizations and health care companies, is sponsoring their 5th Annual Health Care Conference, "Emerging Trends in Health Care,"  a half-day conference, tomorrow, June 14th from 7:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.

New Publication Will Help Employers Determine if Health Savings Accounts Work for Their Employees

Washington Policy Center, the state's premier public policy research and education organization, published a new pocketbook guide for employers who want to know more about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).