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Obamacare is Responsible for Millions Losing Their Current Health Insurance

October 30, 2013 in Blog

In 2009 the President said if you like your current health insurance you would be able to keep it - period.

The Administration has known for months, years actually, that millions of Americans who owned health insurance in the individual market would lose their plans because of Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act requires every plan sold in this market to contain 10 benefit mandates, many of which people don't want or need, like maternity care, and pediatric glasses, and substance abuse treatment.

Obamacare Is an Entitlement

October 27, 2013 in Blog

Virtually everyone who understands federal government financing in this country believes we need entitlement reform. The existing programs either need benefit reductions, or the government needs more tax revenue to pay for benefits, or the programs need some combination of these two things.

Seminar on the Affordable Care Act

October 16, 2013 in Events
Thursday, October 24th, 2013
8:30 am - 11:00 am
The Lincoln Center
1316 N Lincoln St


What happens now that Obamacare has been implemented?

The Lincoln Center, Thursday October 24th 8:30 - 11:00a.m.

Dr. Roger Stark is a health care policy analyst at WPC and a retired physician.

Unions, Employers, and Obamacare

October 14, 2013 in Publications

Unionized grocery workers just voted to authorize a strike against four major grocery store chains in the Puget Sound area. Executives at the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21, with 30,000 members, are dissatisfied with company proposals for paying wages and providing health benefits for part-time workers. Due to the new national health policy, employers want to drop insurance for part-time employees and allow those workers to get coverage through the individual market or the Obamacare-mandated state exchanges.

Obamacare Excludes Seattle Childrens Hospital

October 10, 2013 in Blog

Whoops - Seattle Childrens Hospital was excluded in the state exchange insurance plans by six of the eight insurance companies selling in the exchange. (Here)

The state health insurance exchanges are a big part of Obamacare. Individuals and small businesses can buy health insurance with taxpayer subsidies in the exchanges. Anyone earning up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level ($94,200 for a family of four) will qualify for the subsidies.

How is WA health exchange stacking up?

October 7, 2013 in In the News
570 KVI AM (Seattle)
570 KVI AM (Seattle)
Wednesday, October 2, 2013

State's Obamacare Exchange is Down

October 1, 2013 in Blog

Three years ago Washington state's elected officials took the lead in implementing Obamacare, saying that if Washington did not set up a state health care exchange, as required by the 2010 Affordable Care Act the federal government would do it for us.  The Exchange will cost the state about $50 million a year to operate.

Under the law the online Exchange was to be up and running today.  Instead visitors find it is not working.  A notice at the site, WAHealthPlanFinder, tells those seeking health coverage:

KING 5 Health Link Town Hall - Health Care: Time to Get in the Game

September 17, 2013 in In the News
KING 5 News (Seattle)
KING 5 News (Seattle)
Sunday, September 1, 2013

Governor kicks off "soft" launch of Results Washington effort

September 10, 2013 in Blog

Today Governor Inslee put his stamp on the state's long track record with performance management efforts with a "soft" launch of Results Washington. As noted by his press release:

Gov. Jay Inslee today formally launched Results Washington, which will provide faster and easier answers to those questions and access to an unprecedented array of performance data related to his top goals.

650,000 Washington Residents at Risk of Losing Current Health Coverage as Obamacare Approaches

September 9, 2013 in Publications

As full implementation of federal health care reform approaches, many people are confused by conflicting reports about coming increases in their health insurance premiums. The media has contributed to this confusion by using an apples-to-oranges comparison of health insurance plans. Consumers are also confused by possible changes in their health plans and are concerned whether they will be allowed to keep their existing insurance coverage.