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Washington Education Association says one thing, does another

January 28, 2011 in Blog

A 45 page report written by the Washington Education Association at the end of the 2010 session says this on the first page:

"Education reform must be based on sound research and our members' own experience as educators."

How Would You Balance the Budget? (radio interview)

January 28, 2011 in In the News
KUOW 94.9 (NPR)
KUOW 94.9 (NPR)
Thursday, January 27, 2011

Washington State Public School Achievement Index

The Washington State Public School Achievement Index rates the quality of more than 2,000 public schools across the state. The Index is based on the State Board of Education's Achievement Index for the school year 2011-12, accessible here

Senator proposes elimination of OSPI as elected office

January 27, 2011 in Blog

Earlier this month Governor Gregoire proposed major reorganization of the state's education system, including changes to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). One of the biggest questions under her proposal is should OSPI remain an elected office or instead be appointed by the Governor.

More pearls of wisdom from Dr. Alonso

January 25, 2011 in Blog

Cross-Cut posted a great piece describing Dr. Alonso's breakfast presentation last week. One pearl of wisdom collected by Cross-Cut was Alonso's observation that kids come "as is," and that "the work of the schools is to meet them where they are, engage them, and raise levels of academic achievement. "The work had to be about responsibility," he said.

The Washington Policy Center Public School Accountability Index

January 25, 2011 in Publications

Washington Policy Center’s Public School Accountability Index rates the quality of more than 2,000 public schools across the state.  The Index is based on data compiled by the State Board of Education’s 2010 Achievement Index.

The purpose of the Index is to determine whether and to what extent school officials are fulfilling their paramount duty to provide a quality education for every child residing within the borders of the state. The Legislature stated:

An exhilarating day with Dr. Alonso and other thinking men and women

January 21, 2011 in Blog

At 7:30 am yesterday, 240 people from all over the Puget Sound, including teachers' union leaders, showed up at the Westin Hotel to hear how Dr. Alonso has set Baltimore City Schools on a path to success.  He told us how he has given principals and teachers the tools they need to think and to act so their students will learn.  He told us how he has allowed parents charter school, contract school and transformation school choices, so they can think and make a choice of the best school for their child.