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Economic model shows Superintendent Dorn’s proposed tax increases would cost 18,500 jobs

March 3, 2014 in Publications

Key Findings

Average teacher pay increases every year

February 25, 2014 in Blog

Over at Cross Cut yesterday, John Stang provides a description of the Senate’s proposed supplemental budget.  His reporting suggests teachers will not be receiving pay increases, noting “Sorry,Teachers,” and “no cost-of-living raise for teachers.”

By describing just one type of teacher pay increase, the Cost of Living Adjustment, the article gives the impression that teachers haven’t received any pay increases. 

Eagle Forum annual dinner

February 21, 2014 in In the News
The Islands' Sounder
The Islands' Sounder
Friday, February 21, 2014

Eagle Forum Plans Dinner, Annual Meeting

February 20, 2014 in In the News
Orcas News
Orcas News
Sunday, February 16, 2014

Does Increased Spending Make for Better Education? New Studies Say No

February 18, 2014 in In the News
News Talk 870 AM KFLD
News Talk 870 AM KFLD
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Does increasing public school spending improve learning outcomes for children?

February 11, 2014 in Publications

Key Findings

  • Public school spending between 1990 and 2013 increased by 28%, adjusted for inflation, while graduation rates and academic outcomes remained flat.
  • Public school graduation rate in 1990 was 76%, in 2013 it was 77%.
  • Trend data on academic outcomes for Washington state public school students has remained largely unchanged for years.

Research question: Does more education spending improve outcomes for students?

Parents voice support for opening charter schools

February 3, 2014 in Publications


Washington’s first charter schools to open in Seattle, Tacoma, Kent, Highline and Spokane; 3,565 children to be served, 4,900 children asked to wait

January 31, 2014 in Blog

Yesterday, at West Seattle’s Bethaday Community Center, I attended an important meeting of the Washington State Charter School Commission.  At this historic meeting the Commission approved the first charter schools that will open their doors to students, since voters repealed the state’s charter school ban in 2012.

Overview of Public School Teacher Pay and Benefits - Increases in teacher pay from 2006-2013

January 27, 2014 in Publications

Executives at Washington’s public education teachers’ union (WEA) recently announced that their top lobbying goal for the 2014 legislative session is to increase pay for their members. To support their case, the WEA’s “Our Voice” newsletter states,

“Educators have gone six straight years without a COLA.”