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New Research Shows Private Prisons Enable State to Improve Quality and Control Costs

Seattle - A study released today by Washington Policy Center presents new research on how states can improve quality and control cost by taking advantage of private prison services. The study notes that Department of Corrections spending is one of the fastest-growing areas of state expenditure and is contributing significantly to the looming $2.4 budget deficit.

State Should Not Release 1,900 Criminals

Seattle - In response to a request from Governor Locke to find 15 percent in budget savings the state Department of Corrections suggested releasing 1,900 inmates back onto the streets. A recent study by Washington Policy Center shows this drastic measure is not necessary. "Private Prisons: A Sensible Solution," explains how competitive contracting can be used to reduce cost and increase quality in the state prison system which would avoid resorting to early release of criminals.

New Study Finds Private Prisons Increase Quality and Reduce Cost

Seattle -- A new study by the Washington Policy Center found that the prison system in Washington state is being severely stretched by overcrowding, threatening the safety of the staff, the inmates and the surrounding communities. State run facilities average 141% of design capacity, housing over 4,800 more prisoners than originally planned. At the local level, city and county jails throughout the state are at 110% of design capacity.