WashingtonVotes Site Ready to Help Citizens Access Their Legislature

Contact: Franz Gregory
franz [at] wavotes [dot] org

OLYMPIA – WashingtonVotes.org will provide complete, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the 2013 regular session of the Washington State Legislature that convenes on Monday, January 14th. This free website allows interested citizens, media, activists, government affairs professionals and policymakers to track the issues that matter to them.

In addition to crafting a 2013–15 budget to address a projected $900 million revenue shortfall, legislators may also be considering tax increases, ways the state can help spur job creation and economic recovery, and transportation project funding. Foremost on the legislative agenda is the state Supreme Court decision regarding funding of basic education. Moreover, bills to implement Governor-elect Inslee’s agenda will be introduced and debated. WashingtonVotes.org is an effective tool for following these and all of the issues in Olympia. The site features:

  • Concise, plain-English, objective descriptions of every bill, amendment and vote of the state legislature
  • Customizable daily email updates on legislative action
  • The ability to search for legislation by issue, keyword, and bill number
  • A searchable database of legislation and votes dating back to 2001
  • A real-time Missed Votes Report that catalogs the number of votes each legislator misses

Users can also follow WashingtonVotes.org and get updates on legislation through Facebook and Twitter (@wavotes).

WashingtonVotes.org is a portal for thousands of policymakers, state agencies, local government officials, schools and citizen groups to monitor bills during the fast-moving sessions. Reporters regularly rely on WashingtonVotes.org for quick access to voting record information. Government affairs professionals use the site to stay updated on their issues.

In addition, during all legislative sessions, WashingtonVotes.org provides a weekly Roll Call service to more than fifty media outlets around the state.  Through this service, updates are sent each week on the top five bills that legislators voted on plus voting records tailored to each media outlet’s region. This covers nearly every legislative district in the state, providing valuable information to citizens on their legislators’ actions.

WashingtonVotes.org is a free public service of Washington Policy Center, a non-partisan, non-profit research and educational organization. Its purpose is to inform citizens, community leaders, business people, media and public officials about legislation that affects their families, schools, jobs and communities. The site empowers citizens to take a more active part in representative government, and hold their elected representatives accountable.