Updated legislative tax survey results

October 8, 2012

Last month the Washington Policy Center published the results of our legislative tax survey that asked legislators and candidates (including gubernatorial) the following question:

If Initiative 1185 is adopted, would you vote to allow the people of Washington to have the opportunity to vote on a state constitution amendment to require a supermajority vote in the legislature to raise taxes?

After the results were published we received requests from some that missed the deadline to be included in the totals. Also responding "Yes" after the deadline were five additional Republicans and three Democrats:

  • Richard Reuther (D), District 8, Position 2
  • Cary Condotta (R), District 12, Position 1
  • Brad Hawkins (R), District 12, Position 2
  • Mike Hewitt (R), District 16, Senator
  • Dixie Kolditz (R), District 19, Position 1
  • Lisa Connors (R), District 31, Position 2
  • Eleanor Walters (D), District 39, Position 2
  • Rodney Tom (D), District 48, Senator (Depends on the language and scope of the amendment)

This brings the updated survey result numbers to 128 legislators and candidates responding (52% of recipients). Of those 109 answered “Yes.”

Of the 109 who answered “Yes,” 99 were Republicans, seven were Democrats and three were Independents.

Also answering “Yes” was gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna (candidate Jay Inslee did not respond).

Based on the results of a recent KING 5 Poll, it looks like lawmakers next session will have the opportunity to consider whether the pending five-time voter approval and 20 years of consistent supports warrants providing the people the chance to end this debate once and for all with a constitutional amendment. According to the Poll:

Voters also favor the Tim Eyman-backed tax initiative (I-1185) has 56 percent support, with 26 percent opposed and 17 percent undecided. I-1185 would strengthen existing law that requires super majority votes in the legislature to enact any tax increases, and majority votes for any fee increases.

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