A through F grading system benefits Centralia schools

March 4, 2013

On March 1st, Amy Nile of The Chronicle (Centralia) reported the benefits of the Achievement Index, which rates Washington’s schools based on student learning. 

Governor Inslee wants to use A-F letter grades for public schools. Although giving letter grades to schools may make some adults in education uncomfortable, the public deserves to clearly understand how our schools are performing. Washington Policy Center shows what Governor Inslee’s idea of letter grades for Washington state public schools would look like, here.

The Chronicle’s story examines the success of Edison Elementary School, where students are learning at very high levels, even though 76% are poor, 34% are Hispanic, and 22% are learning English as a second language. The superintendent is now seeking lessons the other four elementary schools in the Centralia School District can learn from Edison.

Edison Elementary shows what an "A" school can achieve, and how other educators are inspired by its example.