Save the Planet. Expand the Highway Network

November 8, 2012

From the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance:

Save the Planet.
Expand the Highway Network

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recently endorsed unanimously its Private Sector Energy Task Force's recommendations as to how Fairfax County can become a leader in the area energy sufficiency, sustainability and "green" technology.

With regards to the transportation sector, the Task Force's findings included:

  • Transportation accounts for 36% of the energy consumed in Fairfax County.
  • In 2040 77.5% of all daily trips in Fairfax County are likely to be internal; only 22.6% generally external in nature.
  • Today only 5% of the County's population lives within a half mile of a Metrorail or VRE station; by 2040 the number is only 7.5% including the Silver Line.
  • Conventional rail lines are extremely expensive to construct and most future transit expansion is likely to be highway based, i.e. express or conventional bus.

The Task Force concluded:
"Due to the need for transit to use highways and the need for most trips in the County to continue to use individual vehicles, a highway program to eliminate or at least drastically reduce congestion, provides the county with the largest opportunity for transportation energy reduction in the short and medium-term."
To read the entire report and background material, click here.

Fairfax Supervisors voted to convey the transportation and other findings to the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board, Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and Virginia Department of Transportation.

Let's Hope Regional and State Authorities Listen

(The content will likely change becasue the link simply points to the NVTA homepage, but the above article is shown as of today)


Highway Expansion

It's about time. This country has the greatest transportation system in the world. Regrettably, it is slowly crumbling due to its popularity (read use). Public Transportation consumes an outlandish percentage of the total transportation budget yet provides benefits for a miniscule number of riders. There is not a single light rail system in the country for which the ROI is even remotely respectable. Like Sound Transit, their costs are always understated, their ridership projections overstated, and their societal benefits are a fairy tale; wishful thinking on the part of the greenies and the transit crowd or are those one and the same.
Build baby build!