Renewing your tabs may become more expensive to pay for ferry construction and operations

March 7, 2014

If Governor Inslee signs Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1129, prepare to possibly pay more to renew your tabs or transfer a vehicle’s title.

Currently, when you go to renew your tabs or transfer a title you can choose whether to renew through the Department of Licensing (DOL) or go to an authorized subagent (a private company that operates on behalf of the DOL in many communities).

According to legislative staffers, 80% of car tab renewals are done through subagents. While subagents are typically conveniently located, they charge an additional $5 service fee to renew tabs and a $12 service fee to transfer a title. The DOL doesn’t charge these fees. Taxpayers who don’t want to be charged more could renew through the DOL.

But that could change.

If the Governor signs the bill into law, the DOL would begin to collect the same fees ($5 for renewals and $12 for title transfers) that the subagents charge. Revenue from the increased DOL fees would go into a ferry capital account to build a third 144-car ferry. Subagent fees would not go into the account. Revenue collected in excess of the needs to construct the third ferry could be transferred into ferry operating account by the legislature.


Poor Assumptions

Why do you assume I have tabs to pay? I have not, do not, and will not pay for car tabs. Nor do those too young to drive, too old to drive, too unhealthy to drive, too blind to drive, and so on and so forth. Target audience much? Perhaps amend the text to read "car owners who..." and remove the use of second person? Also, "want to don't want to" seems awkward.