Proposition 1 taxes - another city considers diverting money away from roads

April 4, 2014

In my recent blog, Proposition 1 taxes – money for roads might not go to roads, I mention the Seattle City Council’s plan to divert Proposition 1 money away from roads into other modes, despite drivers paying the bulk of the taxes. Other cities appear to be following suit.

The Kirkland City Council, while approving an ordinance supporting Proposition 1, also released a list of projects (pp. 16 & 17) that they are considering funding with Proposition 1 money should the ballot measure pass.

A spending recommendation from the Kirkland City Council's staff is below:

KC TBD revenues should implement the Kirkland 2035 vision of a livable, walkable community with sidewalks, bike paths, pedestrian safety improvements and connections rather than focus on street maintenance.