New Puget Sound Partnership Director Faces Big Challenge

January 7, 2014

Today, Governor Inslee announced the appointment of Sheida Sahandy as the new Executive Director of the Puget Sound Partnership. Sahandy comes from the City of Bellevue and PSP Chair Martha Kongsgaard noted that while in Bellevue, Sahandy "created the City’s first suite of environmental indicators and targets." This is similar to the PSP's approach of using "Vital Signs," with targets for 2020.

Sahandy will soon find that PSP is far from meeting those targets. More than six years after it was created, of the Partnership's 21 “vital signs,” only five have improved.

Herring stocks and orca populations have declined. Both marine and freshwater quality have actually declined.

For example, here is the PSP's own metric of progress on marine water quality.

According to the PSP's own metric, we have actually lost ground in one of the most fundamental area of its responsibility. At its core, the Puget Sound Partnership is designed to improve water quality. For it to be failing at that most central goal demonstrates real problems.

Even those areas where there has been progress, like in the health of swimming beaches, they are not on track to achieve the 2020 target.

Time will tell if the new Director can turn things around, but she inherits a tough challenge.


Abolish PSP

The Puget Sound Partnership is a wasteful, corrupt, unneccesary state agency. It doesn't need a new director: it needs to be gotten rid of.


So far the PSP has been about spending money to keep cronies in "research" and "environmental" orgs fully funded. The usual suspects: The Friends of the San Juans, the Wild Fish Conservancy, the alphabet soup of QUANGOS growing like a cancer on our government, the entirely worthless activities of many agencies like NOAA (which does a lot of important stuff, but has a lot of fluff). Conferences, alliances, meetings, synergies, all nonsense.

these should be automatic disqualifiers for government jobs

1. Using, developing or working with a "suite" of anything. Replaced "toolbox" as meaningless bureaucratic buzzword du jour.

2. Wealthy friend of the wealthy. Konsgaard, Ruckleshaus, etc.

another politically-connected wealthy person

Not sure this is what PSP needs.

Why not a strong manager with real experience?

These "indicators" are BS and she seems likely to focus on them more rather on tangible analysis.