Medicare Benefits versus Medicare Cuts in ObamaCare

October 8, 2012

Proponents of the new federal health care reform law, ObamaCare, are quick to point out the "benefits" in the law that Medicare patients will receive. Specifically, our seniors will now have the prescription drug donut-hole closed and will now receive a no-cost annual physical examination.

What the proponents don't mention is the $768 billion overall cut to the Medicare program over the next ten years. This huge cut will be in the form of reduced payments to providers. Here are the numbers from the nonpartisan Congressionsal Budget Office:

Source: The Ratio of Obamacare's Medicare Cuts to New 'Benefits' is Fifteen-to-One, Forbes, October 2, 2012.

Provider reimbursement is already low compared to private insurance. Fewer doctors are able to see new Medicare patients and still pay their overhead. The cuts to Medicare in ObamaCare will make access to health care for seniors much more difficult in the future.

Medicare recipients should strongly favor repeal of ObamaCare.


I have an advantage plan. The

I have an advantage plan. The $0 dollar plan disappeared and the new one is $24 a month. The local doctors already will not take any other company's plans. If this is not stopped I will be without a doctor and will probably have to drive 20-40 miles to see one.