Lawsuit against charter schools may be back

May 30, 2013

As part of Washington Policy Center's ongoing I-1240 Follow-Up Project, we have anticipated an effort by the WEA union to seek a lawsuit to block implementation of the voter-passed charter school measure.  Earlier in the year the idea appeared to be dropped.  Now it looks like it's back. 

Today's Everett Herald story about charter school champion Jim Spady includes this statement: "A lawsuit [against I-1240] is 'in the works,'" said Rich Wood, spokesman for the WEA, which is the largest statewide union of public school teachers."  The full article from the Everett Herald is here.

I wrote about the WEA's earlier lawsuit effort here.  With a court challenge to Initiative 1240 back on the table, I'll be closely following developments on the legal front.




Rich, you're rich in arrogance

There you go.

The people want charter schools.

Get over yourself or we'll go Wisconsin on your 6 o'clock.

Over to you.