KVI reports on Metro’s windfall tax revenues

March 26, 2014

KVI radio’s John Carlson reported last week on my recent study on the windfall tax revenues Metro received last year and is receiving this year.  In 2013, Metro officials collected $443 million from the public, the highest level ever.  In 2014, Metro officials expect to collect even more, $471 million, a $32 million windfall above estimates.

At the same time, King County officials want to increase regressive sales and car fee taxes to add to Metro’s rising revenues.  Their $1.5 billion tax package will appear as Proposition 1 on voters’ ballots for the April 22nd election.  If they do not receive more tax money for Metro, county officials say they will cut bus services in communities across the county.  The Seattle Stranger reports, “cutting bus service would hit poor people hardest.”

Opponents of Proposition 1 say county officials could cancel their threatened service cuts through better management of windfall tax revenues and by opening a dialogue with labor union executives.  That way county officials could continue bus services, especially in low income communities, without raising regressive sales and car fee taxes.

The KVI segment is about 15 minutes.