Governor Inslee: "We will provide efficiency, effectiveness and transparency"

January 16, 2013

Newly inaugurated Governor Jay Inslee delivered his first speech as Governor to a joint session of the Legislature today. His wide ranging speech touched on many issues. Among them was his goal "to bring disruptive change to Olympia."

From Governor Inslee's speech:

I heard a clear and powerful message on Election Day. The people of Washington state are tired of a state government that doesn’t change with the times. They expect me, and all of us here, to be as innovative as the people we represent.

Since the recession, the debate over the state budget seems to be stuck in the movie 'Groundhog Day.' We have the same arguments and we revisit the same untenable options. It’s time we made it to a new day.

Today we begin a multi-year effort to bring disruptive change to Olympia, starting with the very core of how we do business. With authentic, courageous leadership, we will bring the principles of Lean management to all of state government, following the lead of Boeing, Virginia Mason and a growing number of state and local governments.

We will provide efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. We will introduce performance metrics where it counts, giving us the data we need to fix what’s broken, cut what we don’t need and replace rhetoric with quantifiable results.

But this effort is about more than measurement. It’s about instituting a culture shift that will endure well beyond my administration.

Moving forward, all state agencies will be rooted in the same three principles: First, we will measure success by the results we produce, not the money we put in. Second, we will know our customers and what they value. Third, every agency will adopt a unique process for continual improvement that engages our state employees.

The Washington Policy Center agrees that focusing on "efficiency, effectiveness and transparency" should be the hallmarks of how the state operates and look forward to working with Governor Inslee to help make this reality.

To assist in that effort we provided Governor Inslee with these recommendations.