Economists at Beacon Hill Institute respond to Rep. Ross Hunter’s criticism of economic model

March 6, 2014

Economists at the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University in Boston have responded to Rep. Ross Hunter’s recent criticism of their economic model.  The model analyzed the impact on Washington residents of Superintendent Dorn’s proposal to increase the state sales tax and state property taxes.  Economic results show that Superintendent Dorn’s plan to increase taxes by $7.5 billion would hurt working families and weaken the economy by costing 18,500 jobs.  Rep. Hunter dismissed the finding as “unlikely to say anything interesting” and “not trustworthy.”

The response by Beacon Hill Institute economists is here.

Rep. Hunter’s criticism of the economic model is here.

Superintendent Dorn’s tax proposal is here.

The Washington Policy Center paper, “Economic model shows Superintendent Dorn’s proposed tax increases would cost 18,500 jobs” is here.