Dorn appears to drop anti-charter legal challenge, further isolating WEA

January 8, 2013

Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn today announced he wants the legislature to amend newly-enacted Initiative 1240 to place state-level administrative authority over charter schools within his office. He says this will remove the constitutional objections he has to the Initiative. Washington State Wire breaks the story here.

Whether or not the legislature goes along, it appears Superintendent Dorn has decided not to go to the courts to try to block charter schools. The move indicates Dorn intends to drop his contemplated lawsuit against I-1240, choosing instead to seek adjustment, but not repeal, of the state's new charter law.

This is good news for Washington's school children. Superintendent Dorn's willingness to accept charter schools will help expand learning opportunities for children across the state, especially those struggling in failing public schools.

Dorn's announcement further isolate the Washington Education Association (WEA). The state's powerful teachers union is now the only group moving ahead with a legal challenge to voter-approved Initiative 1240. While Dorn seeks to work with lawmakers, the WEA's position remains unchanged: No child residing within the borders of this state should be allowed to attend a charter school.


Liv's Wishful Thinking

This is such transparent tripe. It really is.

We know that you WANT to portray Randy Dorn's careful, deliberate, and public approach, and his due diligence, as "Dorn is now officially in favor of charter schools!", but that doesn't mean you're in touch with reality.

Anyone who has small children knows that they frequently confuse what is REALLY happening with what they WANT to happen. Now, just to be clear, I'm not saying you're a child, Liv. In your case, as an adult, you have an agenda: you want to phase out public education and unionized workers, 100%, over the long term.

And, as part of the vile and specious effort to wedge charters into our state as STEP ONE in this long-term process, you're now desperately trying to create your own "Spin" around this.

It's obvious. And it's laughable.

And it won't work. 1240 will not survive the many, many questions regarding not only its constitutionality, but also its funding---from where will we get it?---to the objectives of the people hoping to run them, to the egregious and criminally exorbitant "salaries" the "principals" and "educators" pay themselves out of OUR tax dollars.

Liv, like other charter "school" backers, you actually DON'T mind gobs of our tax dollars being spent---you really don't---as long as most of those dollars make their way, directly and indirectly, into the bank accounts of PRIVATE COMPANIES---both "for profit" and "non profit". (The latter is arguably even worse...another growing scam you'll be doing your best to cover up.)

Let's remember Initiative

Let's remember Initiative 1240 was opposed by the League of Women Voters, the NAACP, El Centro de la Raza, dozens of school boards and just under 50% of the voters. Suspect these same groups might be interested in the legal challenge. So maybe WEA isn't so isolated after all.

C'mon people

I know you won't put this comment up because, of course, you cannot allow any challenge to your assumptions.

Let's just are wrong on Dorn. What is is doing is what any good elected official does. He is going through official channels to get the clarification he needs vis a vis 1240.

The Constitution defines his role as Superintendent. 1240 changes that. What is he supposed to do? So he is seeking clarification either through the AG or the Legislature. Not so hard to understand.

If no clarification is forthcoming and he still doesn't understand what to do, he might just still go to court.

It's not that hard except if you are one-avenue thinkers.

WEA and Charter Schools

I’m glad Randy Dorn is coming on board when it comes to charter schools but it would be a mistake for the legislature to put charter schools under his helm. After all, it was Dorn’s sole decision to give away the people’s right to control what is taught in this state (even though the people are the ones who pay for it) when he exercised the option to adopt the Common Core Standards despite the fact that our existing standards, created by Washingtonians, were rated higher than the Common Core.

Dorn didn’t make this move because he believed the CCSS were superior, (he admitted that he didn’t even understand them), he did it to stay in political step with the governor who was also making a political decision not a decision based on sound educational principles.

The WEA acted no better. They also supported giving away the rights of teachers and our citizens to have control over what our students are taught because they were looking for political favor from the governor. The WEA wasn’t interested in what teachers thought of this give-away, they were interested in positioning themselves for financial favors in the future.

Further, the WEA was not interested in seeing the improvement of our previous F-rated math standards even though many tried to get them to take part in improving education in this state. They stood with Bergeson and the status quo because they were in good standing with the former State Superintendent and didn’t want to ruffle her feathers and therefore gave no consideration to what was best for the kids of this state. It took citizens and teachers to press for the improvements in our state standards which were rewritten and for a short time were among the best in the nation; at least until Dorn dumped those standards and adopted the CCSS.

It comes as no surprise then that the WEA is against charter schools even though there could be more than a good chance that they could help many kids in this state. Our existing education establishment has failed to help these kids but the WEA’s primary concern is $$$$$$ not in looking for new innovations to help a failing system and change the lives of kids who have been left by the wayside.

Despite my criticism of the WEA, It might come as a surprise to know that I have been a member of the WEA for more than two decades and recognize the necessity of having a voice to represent teachers in the state. It’s just that I have a problem with any union who forgets that the number one job of a workforce is to produce a good product. When it comes to kids it shouldn’t matter who is producing that product as long as kids are benefiting. Instead of attacking charter schools the WEA would be better served by looking for new and better ways to solve our educational problems. If they had good answers we wouldn’t be looking at charter schools in the first place.