Commissioner Kreidler and the Problems with Obamacare Implementation in Washington State

December 4, 2013

Washington state insurance commissioner Mike Kreidler is testifying before Congress today in praise of the implementation of the Obamacare law in our state.  In his comments, however, he is unlikely to provide much detail about the hurtful disruption the law and his tough-minded regulatory actions are causing Washington families.

Washington is supposed to be one of the “successful” states in implementing Obamacare.  Yet the painful reality for thousands of Washington families is they are losing health coverage they like and access to their regular doctors because of Obamacare implementation and Commissioner Kreidler’s harsh regulatory decisions.


My Insurance Policy is Being Cancelled Because of Obamacare

My family of 5 is losing the health care plan that we liked and wanted to keep because of Obamacare. We deserved better.

The shallow propaganda for Obamacare coming from DC and Olympia only adds insult to our injury.

Not only are we among those 290,000 people who received a cancellation notice; right now we have no idea if we'll be able to afford a new plan that will get us access at Children's Hospital should we need it. This fall we had an unfortunate occasion for an emergency room visit to Children's Hospital in Seattle. Thankfully, everything turning out great in the end and our visit was short. The Children's Hospital staff did a fantastic job. They are the true professionals. So it's sad see the bureaucracy is creating barriers to people obtaining services at Children's Hospital. Good for Children's Hospital for challenging those barriers in court; it's worth a try.

Thanks for your comment. We

Thanks for your comment. We have also had occasion to take a child to Children's Hospital in Seattle, where the visit was not short, but all came out o.k. What you're describing is the intense anxiety and gratitude parents feel when their sick child is getting urgently-needed care from top professionals. To have a federal law interfere with access to that care is deeply worrying to parents, and that's why people's reaction against Obamacare has been so strong. - Paul.

Government Gone Wild!!!

>Obamacare premium increase: $1,200/year
>Obamacare deductible increase for family of 3: $9,000/year
>I-90 tolling for one driver, round trip each weekday: $2,400/year
>Minimum wage increase to $15/hour impact on prices: $???/year

It is no longer about taxing the rich, it is about taking from everyone and redistributing as government sees fit.