Average teacher pay increases every year

February 25, 2014

Over at Cross Cut yesterday, John Stang provides a description of the Senate’s proposed supplemental budget.  His reporting suggests teachers will not be receiving pay increases, noting “Sorry,Teachers,” and “no cost-of-living raise for teachers.”

By describing just one type of teacher pay increase, the Cost of Living Adjustment, the article gives the impression that teachers haven’t received any pay increases. 

The good news is that teachers receive compensation in a number of ways from local school districts, and regular, annual pay increases are built into the state’s compensation system. Over the last six years, average teacher pay has increased by about $9,000, or more than 16%.

The graph shows increases in average teacher pay:

Most school teachers work hard.  It’s good to know local districts have been providing regular increases compensation, and that teachers don’t have to rely solely on state lawmakers to get a pay raise.

Our study “Overview of Public School Teacher Pay and Benefits – Increases in Teacher Pay from 2006—2013” provides more detail about the ways teachers pay has increased in recent years.



Perhaps we dare discuss or

Perhaps we dare discuss or post the deductions that have increased over the past ten years, as well. Hmmmmm.... let's then subtract the deductions from the increases and find the real truth.