2/3 for taxes more popular than Obama in Washington

October 18, 2012

Based on the results of a KCTS 9 Washington Poll, there is a force in Washington state more popular than the President is - a supermajority vote requirement for tax increases. According to the Poll:

  • I-1185: Yes - 54.1%; No 30.9%
  • President: Obama - 51.9%; Romney - 42.9%
  • Obama Favorability: 53.7%

In fact, I-1185 polls the highest of any of the other ballot measures:

  • I-1185: Yes - 54.1%; No - 30.9%
  • R-74: Yes - 52.9%; No - 46.6% (adjusted voter model)
  • I-1240: Yes - 48.8%; No - 40.1%
  • I-502: Yes - 47.1%; No - 40.1%

Another interesting tidbit was the poll's finding that Washington voters still have no love of income taxes. Voters were asked:

The state of Washington is currently facing a budget deficit of over $1.4 billion dollars. In an effort to reduce the deficit some people have suggested that we create a state income tax only on households making more than 500 hundred thousand dollars per year. Do you agree or disagree with the creation of a state income tax on wealthy households?

Strongly agree: 20.5%
Somewhat agree: 15.0%
Somewhat disagree: 14.1%
Strongly disagree: 43.7%
Neither: 3.0%
Don’t know: 3.4%

Hopefully in a month from now we'll know the voters' final verdict on all the state's races. (Yes, I said a month instead of by November 6).